Hummingbird Algorithm Update of Google

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I hope all you of you already knew about the Google’s latest updated for search result which is known as the Hummingbird Algorithm Update.
In fact Google strangely changed the SEO Algorithm when they initially announced Panda Algorithm Update in 2011 and from that time business owners and web page owners started to focus more on creating fresh & high quality content for their web pages to increase the Page Rank and SERP in Google, After that they updated Google Penguin Algorithm Update and Now recently Hummingbird Update.
Google recently announced their Hummingbird Algorithm Update on 26th Semptember’2013 although it had already been affected at the very end of August’2013; this algorithm change is probably the most effective and largest change which approximately affected more than 90% Google searches. The main motive of this ‘Hummingbird Algorithm Change is to help users by improving Google’s speed and capacity to reflect more matching/ accurate search result when users search for long-tail keywords in  In this way, the main sense behind the Hummingbird update is to make Google search result more human familiar and practical to solve queries.  For example: when we search ‘how to generate high traffic to my site every day. Previously Google was focusing their search result on ranking basis of keyword and web page.
If your business has already a good On/Page and Off Page SEO strategies it won’t affect you negatively but may be proven more helpful for you and if you were focusing on short-tail keyword (one word/ two words) for your website and business may be it won’t harm you so much negatively, instead your Content Quality and Back links quality is more measurable thing for it.
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