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What Is Meta Title?

Meta Title is an HTML tag used in the head section of web pages to represent the title of the page, most commonly Meta Title is used for search bots, directories to find the title for relevancy. Meta Title is the summarized title of any web page and it is used by search bots to find the relevancy of content, for the SERP for search query results. For the search engines purpose meta title is visible in search results for queries, It is the large blue text displayed in search results.

Meta Titles has also great value for social shares, it is visible on social sites when you share the web page. In most cases, meta title tag is considered as the Facebook “og title” and Twitter card and similar to other social websites. The same thing applies for Meta Description Tag also. The Meta Title and Description is closely similar to each other in case of external effects of the page.

Meta Title in Google Search Result:

Meta Title and Description Tag in Google Search Result
Meta Title and Description Tag Visible in Search Result

Meta Title in Bing Search Result:

Meta Title and Description Tag in Bing Search Result
Meta Title and Description Tag in Bing Search Result

The Meta Title Tag is also visible in the browser, you can also view the title tags used in any web page without going to the source code. To view the Title Tag used in the web page, simply open the page in the browser and take your mouse to the top of the tab, the text visible is the Title Tag of the page.

How can you view Meta Tags Externally?

  • In the browser tab after opening the page
  • In search results of search engines
  • In the source code of the web page
  • and In social shares

How To Use Meta Title and Description Tag:

Meta Title Tag is always used in the head section of the web page, head section of the web page looks like the following in source code:


Meta Title Tag is used in the head section and most commonly the Title Tag of Page look like the following in the source code of web page:
<title>Title Of The Page The Page Up to 48 to 70 Characters</title>
In the same way, The Meta Description has also major impact in SERPs, the meta description code may look like the following in HTML code.
<meta name=”description” content=”Description of the page up to 120 to 160 characters”>
Please view the image as an example of Title Tag, Meta Codes and Head Section of the web page.

Meta Title HTML Tag in Head Section of The Web Page
Meta Title Tag in The Head Section

Why Meta Title and Description Tag is Important in SEO?

Meta Title is one of the most important Technical On-Page SEO factors, which help to get a better position in search engine results. And search engines also suggest using a proper and defined Title and Description Tags in all individual page set.
But it doesn’t mean you can use meta title and description tags as you wish, you have to be careful and read some guidelines before placing a meta title, description code in your webpage. Be sure that it follows the webmaster guidelines of search engines, otherwise, you won’t see any positive change in your Search Engine Rank. Another thing you need to understand and be careful about is, content is the king, a high quality and informative unique content is the only thing which can help you to get a better position in any search engine and especially like Google and Bing.

Here is some advice to follow for Meta Title and Description Tags for major search engines like Google and Bing.

How To Write The Best Meta Title and Description For SEO?

  • Write a unique Meta Title Tag for each page
  • Google truncates maximum 70 characters of the Meta Title Tag
  • Google recommends and truncates maximum 160 characters in Meta Description Tag
  • 65 Characters in Meta Title is the best for Bing
  • Bing Webmaster suggest using 160 characters length in Meta Description
  • Use at least 48 characters and maximum 70 character length for the Title Tag
  • Have a meaningful Title Tag in your page relevant to the content, it should look like a summarized heading of the full content
  • Avoid repeating your main keyword more than one time in Meta Title, if you repeat the same keyword maximum times it will look like stuffing and it hurts the SERP
  • Meta Description is the summarized information of the content, it should be used very carefully the explain your content, products, services etc. of the web page
  • Write at least 120 characters to maximum 160 characters in length in meta description tag
  • Make it unique, informative and write the meta description tag without keyword stuffing to see the improvement in search engine results.


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