Google SEO Changes in 2013

When looking backward on the reviews of Google SEO Changes in 2013, there are lots of things which were exciting news from Google. There are lots of changes in SEO Algorithm and SERP of Google which was not imagined by professional commonly.
Let’s have a look towards SEO 2013:
On the date of 26th September’2013, Google announced their SEO Algorithm change which is named as Hummingbird Algorithm, however, this algorithm was applied in practice since the end of August’2013. It was really a big newss for SEO Professionals and Web Page owners, because it had been a long time after Penguin Update and nobody had imagined for an algorithm chance for Google SEO. After all, it was a good and appraisable announcement from GoogleTM because all web sites owners concentrated on focusing for high quality and informative contents for their websites. Hummingbird SEO Algorithm is focusing more on On Page SEO, Content Quality, and Nature of the Website, so we can say that this time Google focused more on the better result for visitors/ consumers.  
After that, there was another change of Google, for which mostly peoples had left to think about, but always criticized by experts, That is Google Page Rank Update. This thing was taken as the biggest silence of GoogleTM because it had been a long time Google hadn’t taken any action to Page Rank Update it is when google updated their page rank on 4th Feb2′ 2013 which was 8 month ago, there were lots of criticism about this particular thing and most of the user had been given off to thing about Page Rank, as they were thing as Page Rank shall have remain no value now, but finally at the end of the year in morning of Dec 6, 2013, This huge thing was updated by Google while “Team was fixing a different backend service and did a PR update along the way” as stated by Matt Cutts, it was told as a rare page rank update.
At last but not the least, Google Team have really done such a good job by bringing such changes which will appreciate website owner to create some good and moral stuffs for their visitors.
Hope all you enjoyed year’ 2013 and the Year’ 2014 will bring some big good news for your Success.
Happy New Year’ 2014


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