MOZ Replaced OSE With Link Explorer

Got an email today from, “It’s time to say goodbye to Open Site Explorer (OSE)”. In the email message body, it is mentioned that “we’re thrilled to announce the release of Link Explorer to our community”.
So it makes clear that MOZ is going to pause open site explorer and replace it with their new links analytical tool Link Explorer. Opensite Explorer (OSE) was really one of the best tools to analyze Domain Authority, Page Authority, Link Quality Analysis. OSE is a popular and most used SEO Tool provided by
After checking, I didn’t find anything like being worried that what tool I will use from now to analyze backlinks, might be a most common question in mind of any OSE users. I find all old things available there and even improved with better backlink data analytics. You can still check Moz domain rank factors like Domain Authority, Page Authority, incoming backlinks quality, and Domain Spam Score etc. Please check the images to find the detailed view of features available in this new Link Analysis Tool by
Some of the main and improved features available in Link Explorer Mentioned By

– It’s over 20x larger and 30x fresher than OSE
– Lightning-fast load times
– Improved Domain Authority and Spam Score
– Historic data for studying your discovered/lost domains over time

Link Explorer By To Analyze Backlinks Quality
Link Explorer By
Check Inbound Links in MOZ Link Explorer Tool
Inbound Links in MOZ Link Explorer Tool
Analyze Backlinks and Web Spam Score By Link Explorer Tools of MOZ.COM Launched Link Explorer and Closing Open Site Explorer
Check Backlinks Quality and Popularity with Link Explorer
Check Backlinks Quality and Popularity with Link Explorer












Read The Full Article By MOZ.zom for the new link analysis tool Announcing Link Explorer, Moz’s New Link Building Tool




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