Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization, in short form it is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve the visibility of any web page, images or videos in search result page of search engines. In other words, it is all the job and methods to increase organic traffic from search engines for different keywords and search phrases.

A keyword is the text of word phrase we type in search engines to find relevant answers. All the tools and materials used during the search engine optimization process is called SEO Tools. For example, SEO tools may be a meta tags analyzer tool, heading tags, image alt tags, canonical tags analyzer tools, they are paid and also some are available for free.

Search Engine Optimization is technical job performed with marketing objective because after the optimization of any web page sales and conversion is the first objective. SEO is a technical job because a coding knowledge is required to perform technical SEO factors optimization job.

Why Any Business Need SEO?

In the recent digital world, a website for any business is a basic requirement. More peoples use the internet to find information, goods, services they need. They search on the internet to save their time and money, which may save their traveling and telephone bills. More than all internet has made the life easier because everyone is busy and the internet helps to save the time. They do not want to visit in office location due to the busy schedule and a website help them to find all required information from anywhere with any device like mobile phones, tablet, and laptops.

Once you make a website, your goal should be to reach it to your costumers. You have the option of internet marketing and advertising for a quick result, but it needs a high budget.

And another thing is that’s like a money spending machine, until you have funds you are will run and once you are out of balance it’s all finished, you do not have any other choice, however online marketing campaigns are also good way of branding and promotions, SEO gives you the long-term benefit of the targeted page visits.

People search in search engines when they really need anything, once your page is at the front search results of big search engines like Google, Bing, and you will get more click depending on the average search of the key phrase. A website at the first result of the search engine has more chance of clicks and sales, and so on it applies to all rest of results.

What Is Average Keyword Search Volume?

Average search is a monthly data provided by search engines for the numbers of the search for any query in a month. It is an average data that how much times the key phrase is searched in search engines. Basically, for Google, Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a free tool to analyze the monthly search of keywords for advertising purpose.

There are many more free tools which can be used to find the average search data of keywords. Keyword Research Tool provides the excellent analysis of Google’s average monthly search of any keywords.

What Is SERP?

SERP is the short form used for Search Engine Result Page. It is also called as SERPs, SRP etc. SERP is used for the rank position of any key phrase in search engines result.

To check SERP manually you can use some free tools like SERPS Rank Checker and There are many other paid tools like SERP Book, SEO Profiler, SEMRush, Ahrefs etc. which users can use to track SERP and monitor your ranking factors in Google and Bing.

Google Webmasters Search Analytics is also one of the best and available free for all verified webmasters.

What Is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is the process of improving technical SEO factors of a website. OnPage SEO include all internal ranking factors of any website. For example, Meta Tag Optimization, Heading Tags, Image Alt Tags, Canonical Tags, Internal Linking, Website Speed Optimization all are part of On-Page Optimization.

Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is the external ranking factors of any website. Backlinks, Page Visibility/ Popularity, Image Sharing, Social Media Promotions are some of the On Page SEO Parts. Link Quality Analysis. Competitor Link Analysis, Links Removal all are parts of Off Page SEO.

Top 23 On Page SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Website Layout
  2. Font Color/ Contrast
  3. Font Size
  4. Menu Structure
  5. Server Respond Time
  6. Website Load Time
  7. Page Performance Speed
  8. Responsive Mobile Version/ AMP Version
  9. URL Structure
  10. Canonical Tags
  11. Meta Title
  12. Meta Description
  13. Content Quality/ Length
  14. Heading Tags
  15. Keyword Density
  16. Semantic Keywords
  17. Image Quality/ Size
  18. Image Alt Tags/ Titles/ Captions
  19. Inbound Linking
  20. 301 Redirects
  21. XML Sitemap
  22. HTML Sitemap
  23. Structure Data Markup/ Schema Validation

Watch The Video by Brian Dean, it will help you to understand how to create content to get higher ranking in search engines, and how to make your content best of visitors.

How To Do SEO For Any Website?

SEO is the result of your hard work and quality providing to your webpage visitors.

If you have launched a website and want to optimize its SEO factor to deliver quality to your visitor and also to gain some organic visit, these following step by step SEO guide will be useful for you.

Even if you are working for a company and organization, or if you want to learn some ideas to understand how SEO your staffs are going, it is useful for you.

Let’s start with On Page SEO factors and their optimization process. For a quality view, you can see above mentioned  23 On Page SEO Ranking Factors.

When your website is ready and you are planning for SEO improvement, the website’s technical SEO analysis is the first thing you should do.

The Technical SEO analysis should be performed for the overall website rather than any single page or few numbers of the page.

Meta Tags Analysis For SEO

The SEO health of your overall website is important. It is important to make it the quality than the quantity.

Now you make a format for the report, an excel sheet might be perfect.

Here you are going to check Meta Title, Meta Description, Canonical Tags, Heading Tags, and Image Alt Tags.

Add these columns in your sheet with a suitable heading.

Now make a list of URLs in your page and save them in your sheet and start checking Meta Tags.

SEO Meta Title

Sometimes it can be hard to analyze manually, especially in case of e-commerce stores, it is really hard to extract data manually. So if you know, you can use a tool like screamingfrog. Tools make the work easy to find reports and then you have to do the analysis on your own.

Check the report and change your SEO Meta Title according to best SEO practice. Make the Meta Title length at least 48 characters to 70 characters. However, the best practice is to use 60 to 65 characters for both mobile and desktop version websites.

SEO Meta Description Optimization:

Then you have to put a meaningful Meta Description in your page, Meta Title and Meta Description is the important ranking factor and they are visible in search engines. So be sure that you are not stuffing your keywords in it. Use your Meta Description up to 160 characters to follow the best practice in SEO.

Heading Tags Optimization:

Heading Tags in a webpage is H1 to H6. In most case, H1 Tag is the title of your page. Make your Heading Tags descriptive and stuffing free.

Use your keyword in Heading but make sure you don’t use them more than once in any heading tag.

Place H1 tag once in a set of content and in a page, if you use H1 tag over than one, it will look like keyword stuffing. For any other purpose of heading tag use H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags in your content.

Image Optimization and Alt Tags

It is one of the most important ranking factors for any website. Image optimization includes all its factors like Image Compression, Image File Name, Image URL, Image Title, Image Alt Tags, Captions, and Description.

It is not about only adding Alt Tags in it but it includes all of its factors like Image Compression, File Path, and Titles etc.

Image Optimization can help you to gain a position in image search results of search engines.

The image is also a visible thing in any webpage and it directly affects your page load time.

It also helps readers to find the relevancy of content that’s why infographic image is more appreciated in content.

For example, someone who can’t read visited your website, in that case, he/ she can understand the content with the help of images and infographics.

So try the best to make your website useful for all your page visitors.

Canonical Link Element Optimization For SEO:

Canonical Tag is one of the important ranking factors. It can help you rank your most suitable content in search engines, and if you use it wrong it can also block you from the indexing.

So rel=canonical tags need to be used very carefully in websites. In websites, rel=canonical link element is added which gives a direction to the search engine to index a relevant page for SERPs.

Content Analysis For SEO

Content is the key factor to rank phrase in any search engines.

If you seriously want to rank your website for high search key phrases, you have to spend more time to find out issues in your content and make it even better.

So in case of content writing, I recommend hiring a highly professional SEO content writer. It is even better if you write the content on your own. You know more about your products and services, so you can explain it more and present better on your website.

Now review it make it better and useful for your visitors. Make your paragraphs short and clear, so that visitor won’t get confused. Try adding some images and videos in your paragraph to make it more relevant.

Use perfectly explained heading tag, which will make it better like a table of content.

Keyword Density For SEO

Use of Keywords is also a primary thing to gain a better position in search engines. From the keywords, search engines find the relevancy of your content, and the rank is improved. But you have to use it in a proper way. Overuse of any ranking factors may cause your website into manual action and penalty.

Mention your keywords no more than 3%. The best practice to use keyword density is 2% for SEO.

Use LSI Keywords For SEO

Then you have mention some semantic indexing keywords. Semantic Keywords are also Called LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing). These kinds of Keywords are semantically related to main keywords. Like synonyms or related keyphrase. If you don’t know how to find semantic keywords and you don’t have access to any tool, you can take the help of Google search.

Latent Semantic Keywords
Semantic Keywords

When you search on Google there’s a list of “people also search” you can pick the list and place some most relevant phrases in your content. In this way, search engines will find your content more relevant to the topic and it will also help you to gain a better SEO rank.

Please this one more image for LSI keywords search.

LSI Keywords
LSI Keywords

Internal Linking:

Internal Links are also one of the major ranking factors. It is important that you link your pages to relevant content.

Linking pages provide visitors and additional information. From the internal links in your page website, visitors get another reference to find additional information.

Search Engines also love internal linking with correct anchor text. Internal linking makes you sure that your pages can be found by search bots and they will be crawled.

if there’s no internal link in your website, sometimes search bots cannot be able to find your pages and you miss to be crawled.

So write good content and link other internal pages in it which you want to rank for. Just try and improve it, it really works.

External Linking:

Everything same as internal linking. By linking eternal pages in your website’s content you provide your readers an additional information. Just make sure that the page you are linking is good and the content in it provides some valuable information.

From External links in your page, you get more value to your content which really helps for search engine optimization.

HTML Sitemap

Create an HTML sitemap in your website. It is good practice to publish an HTML sitemap in your website. It helps visitors to find all posts, categories, tags and all other pages at one place.

Search Engines also like HTML sitemaps in websites. If there is not an HTML Sitemap in your website then do it now, it is a really helpful factor for search engine optimization.

Now, after optimizing your website’s Meta Tags, Content, and Keywords, you have at least done something good in a part and you are ready to be visible in search engines.

Now let’s go back to your website design, layout and source code to make sure your website is good and fit for SEO requirements.

Website Source Code Factors In SEO

Check at least these following things to make sure your website is good for both mobile and desktop users.

  1. Website Layout
  2. Font Color/ Contrast
  3. Font Size
  4. Menu Structure

These above-mentioned factors are one more important ranking factors and miss use of these can lead to the penalty. Basically, it should be done before making the website live.

If your web developer didn’t perform these checks before making life, it’s still not so late, better you do it now.

A better website design output a better user experience, so make sure your website design and layout are good and catchy. And double check it as a user that your website’s design/ layout do not bother a visitors.

Font Colors

Make some better color combination to make the website’s look clean and easily readable.

Remove if there’s any hidden text or links, for example, a white color text in white background. And the white color link in white background. Make the color of <p>, <a> etc. different than each other. It will help website visitors to understand find clickable things easily.

Do Not load so many ads in the page, use them at proper places like in the sidebar, footer and few between paragraphs of content. Over displaying content will give you a negative result.

Font Size In SEO

The font size of your website is also a ranking factor. More than 52% of organic visits come from the mobile device to any popular websites.

It means there are more users on the internet who search and surf from their mobile device.

So focusing on mobile users everyone needs to make their websites easier for mobile devices.

Font size is the very common issue any visitor find in a website and they sudden close the page. If they will immediately close the page, your websites bounce rate will definitely go high.

The recommended Font Size is 14px or larger. Font size less than 12px are smaller and visitors needs to pinch to zoom.

if you make your font size suitable for mobile users, it will be a plus point for your SEO.

Adding the lighthouse extension might be helpful for any developer to find and fix factors of Search Engine Optimization in website

Navigation/ Menu Structure

Proper ordering of Menu is also an important and lightweight ranking factor. Double check to make sure that the order is done perfectly and they come one after one relatively.

Margin For Clickable Things

It is also important that you keep margin between the clickable link in the website. For example in Menu, if you close items so much closer to each other it will be difficult for users to click and navigate pages.

After that, if you are optimizing an eCommerce store it is important that you check margins in your product listing pages or categories.

It can be found in WooCommerce store also. When you list products in category page and if they are so much closer to each other. It can be hard for your visitors to navigate to the right product.

Just make sure there’s some space left after the products.

Webmaster Accounts For Search Engine Optimization

If you have not already added your websites in Search Console/ Webmasters Account, do it now.

For example, you can join Google Webmasters and Bing Webmasters accounts to monitor your Search Engine Optimization job.

You can log in with your email account and it’s all free.

Once you login to your webmaster’s accounts, simply add your website there and verify it by placing a Meta Tag in the <head> </head> section.

In your webmasters account under crawl section, you can find sitemap. Go to the sitemap page and add your XML sitemap. It is more useful for big size websites.

Search Engines can find your URLs from the sitemap and they will regularly crawl your pages without any delay.

You can monitor many more SEO ranking factors from your webmaster accounts.

Under the HTML Improvement section, you can find problems in your Meta Titles and Description. Check it and if you see any sort of long meta title/ description, edit them and correct.

Same way you can find duplicate title/ description and monitor them to make unique.

If you didn’t find any issue in HTML improvement section that’s really awesome and you are great.

Analytics Accounts

Analytics accounts are also one required thing to monitor your progress and traffic report when you are working for search engines optimization and online marketing.

You can join Google Analytics for free, add your website and verify by place the code in the <head> </head> section of the page.

Set up Goal and track how your promotion is going on.

It is useful SEO Tool to find visitor enter pages, exit pages, bounce rates, Demographic report and Geo Analytic Report of visitors.

From the analytics accounts, you can find the source and referrals of your visitors also. It helps find how the visitors are coming to the page if they come from search engines, social media, and any other website referrals.

301 Redirection For Search Engine Optimization

301 redirects do not give you any ranking value, but it is important that you redirect your pages if you made the change in URL.

Also if you remove a page and publish a new page for the content, it is important that you set 301 redirections for the old page to make sure that you won’t lose your SERP and backlinks to the page.

404 errors also give a bad user experience, so it is important that you do an audit and redirect all your 404 pages to 301.

The best way to find 404 error page in your website is Google Webmasters Account. Login your webmasters account and in the crawl section you will see a not found/ error section.

In the crawl error section check all listed pages and set a 301 redirect to the relevant page.

In WordPress website, you can install a redirection plugin and in Magento follow the process for 301 redirection writing, it easy.

You can also set 301 redirects from Cpanel.

Structure Data To Improve SERP

Structure data is one of the very important ranking factors. Structure data gives a brief information about the page to search engine robots. From the data structuring, search engines can find all information about your products including Product name, price, SKU, availability, images, contact detail.

Data Structuring is help for all kind of websites like WooCommerce, eCommerce website, news, blogs, local services and all. It also improves the crawl rate in search engines optimization.

To structure data schema is the best and recommended. In WordPress website, you can add a plugin and set the information, in Magento eCommerce stores you can add a paid or free add-on for schema setting.

if you are not familiar with plugins, you can do it from the Google Search Console account to structure data for Google Search Optimization.

View Screenshots below to find the data highlighter in Google Webmasters.

Structure Data In Google Webmasters
Structure Data In Google Webmasters


Structure Data In Webmaster Account
Structure Data In Webmaster Account





















I hope these tips were helpful to you.
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