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SERP stands for the Search Engine Result Page, internally pronounced in Google as SERP, SERPS, SRPS etc.  When you are working as an SEO professional for your websites, it is important that you keep tracking your SERPs of your keywords and phrases. Checking records of your search engine rank help you to find out which page you need to improve for your semantic keywords and for what search phrases you need to work more to improve the rank in search engines like Google, Bing, which can give you more traffic to your websites.
Websites are always different in nature, like some website sell products online, some offer services to local places, some website share content to help others to find news and information, and some websites share products/ information and promote to earn from Affiliate or Advertising etc. For all kind of websites, search engines’ organic traffic is more useful and most of them get converted into business. If you have a visitor to your page from the search engines, there is a high probability that they will buy your product or read your articles, they search for it when they are really looking for something. If you are sharing great stuff there is maximum chance that they will return again. Having nice pieces of engaging content is also one of the most effective ways to improve SERP. After all, content is the king, and if your set of content is more informative and optimized with relevant semantic keywords, proper usages of Meta Tags, Heading Tags and Internal Linking, it will help you to boost your SERPs is all search engines.

How To Check SEPR Position?

There are plenty of free and paid tools to check SERP of any keywords in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Some Paid Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, SEO Profiler, SerpBook are great paid tools with additional advises and reports to improve On Page SEO and off page SEO ranking factors. If you are running a business and willing to pay to track your SERP position and also, to improve your rank with paid tools these are the best and most recommended SEO tools.

SERP Rank Position Tracking Free Tools

For the personal small website, it really doesn’t make any sense to pay for SEO rank tracking and rank improvement if you have some basic knowledge to improve your website SEO factors. If you are able to fix your website SEO issues on your own, and once you are done with fixing basic SEO issues, you can start tracking your SERP rank using free rank tracker tools. There are hundred rank checker SEO tools which allow you to check the rank of your keywords manually for free.

here is a list of top 5 free SERP checking tools:

SERP Rank Checker Tool For Free

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