Importance of Videos Optimization

  1. Videos are one of the easiest ways to let your visitors know about the stuff you are sharing. A video can represent all your products and services in a few time, the video is the easiest way to let your costumers know about the features of your products and services with visual presentations.
  2. Let’s say you sell products in different colors and size, it will be more impressive for buyers if you give a visual demo of all types, colors, and sizes of products, they can easily find out there features and they can compare those products without saving your store. Also in case of reading content on your page, visual view is more time saving, for example, if you write 1000words article about your products and services, your visitors need at least 20 minutes to read them, and if you make a video it will take maximum of 5 minutes for your visitors to watch it full, so videos are the easiest way to understand your content, and also a time-saving way for any kind of content.
  3. Video sharing is also more effective technic is social media. In case of social media, short videos are more effective for branding, sales, and conversion. Research has also shown in their report that, more than 60% business has more chances sales that have videos for promotion of products and services.
  4. Also in case of online marketing, video promotions have more chance of high ROI. If you have videos, you visitors get engaged with them, the one thing you need is a high-quality video with informative content. For example, you are sharing an information about travel and trekking place, why not make a video of tour locations that writing hundreds of words and sharing so many images, so videos make anything interesting and trustworthy. Also for higher ranking in search engines, Google gives more benefits to contents with videos and images. 
  5. So if you are an online marketing professional, let’s start today to build some videos of your products and services. Creating video is easier now, you can use any free video maker tool, or create some slides with sounds and convert them to videos. Promote your business through videos and enjoy the latest digital marketing trends. You can use any program to upload and share your videos like on YouTube, Vimeo and on Facebook.

7 Reasons Why Is Video Important:

  1. Videos make the content easier for visitors
  2. Videos are interesting and time-saving
  3. Visual presentation provide a brief detail of products and services in less time
  4. Social Media Marketing is more successful with video marketing
  5. Search Engines give more priority to videos
  6. Videos ad impressive and trustworthy
  7. Videos are easier to understand even for blinds.
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