What Are Backlinks and How To Get Backlinks?

What Are Backlinks? How To Do Backlinks Monitor and Analysis?

In HTML backlinks or links are hyperlinked code with an Anchor Text. Anchor Texts are visible to page visitor and the URL of linked page are linked to it. When the visible anchor text is clicked, it redirects to the linked page URL. IN HTML the code of hyperlink look like this: <a href=”https://www.sitehostnp.com/”>Backlinks</a>. In the case, if you have to copy the above HTML code for the hyperlink to place a link in the web, you have to replace the URL with your own and replace the text “Backlinks” with your own anchor text which you want to link to.

Backlinks are the references from any webpage or its content to any other webpage. In general, a backlink gives additional value to content by referent to another web page for users to find more additional information regarding the topic. Backlinks are also called as links on the internet and in symbol, it is represented as a figure of the chain. The Symbol of chain represent the connections to others which are similar to each other. And it makes clear, backlinks are generally found in relevant content and website, because it is used to give extra information to visitors.

Backlinks - Site Host
Backlinks – Site Host

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks are references to a web page. Commonly for a web page, backlinks are of two different kinds with similar nature and work. They are Internal Backlinks and External Backlinks. Internal backlinks are clickable links in a webpage to another internal page URL of your own website. Internal linking is done to help users find more relevant and additional information on the website.

An external backlink is a reference to a different website, external backlinks help readers to find more relevant content. It is a reference to another website which might be helpful for users to find additional information regarding the topic. In simple external linking tells that, go to this website to find some more ideas that might be helpful for you.

Why Do You Need Backlinks To Your Website?

Links are the very important thing for the whole internet sector. In actual internet is based on links, if there are no links no pages can be found, or it would really hard to know if any website really exists. For example, if there are not the cinema halls how would anybody know that any celebrity or film stars really are.

Another example, let’s assume theirs is not the Video search engines like YouTube, Vimeo or any other, how would you find a vide and how would you know if they really exist. The same condition applies to the internet. Web Page is a most used thing on the internet and if one is not referring another for any mean, it becomes impossible to find any of them.

There are many other important reasons for backlinks and it plays a vital role to improve the visibility of any web page. If you have a page linked internally in your content with right anchor text, it gives the search engine a direction that you want the particular page ranked for the search phrase which you have used as the anchor text. In this case, you need to be a bit careful when putting internal links.

Be sure that you are using right anchor text and you have messed it up by linking the same anchor with each other. A simple guideline is: if you have linked Page B with Anchor “Backlinks” in Page A make sure again you don’t link Page A with the anchor text “Backlinks” in Page B. It looks bit spammy and search engines will be confused that which page should be ranked for the keyword “Backlinks”. However, it is fine if you link Page B with anchor “Backlinks” in Page C.

Internal backlinks are an important factor to give direction to search engine to rank any webpage in SERP, After the canonical tags “rel=canonical” it is also a very important ranking factor used within the website. In most of the cases, even search engine bots can’t find your pages if there, not a link. That’s the reason it is always recommended to put main URL and folders in Primary Menu of the website.

External Backlinks are an untold mystery in SEO. Backlinks coming to your website from other niche relevant pages have a high impact in SEO, so many experts say that Backlinks have less value in search engine ranking, but I really do not follow them in this case. After all, backlinks are references on the internet.

If your website has so many references, it means that your website and its content is a really good ant that’s why they are getting high numbers of voters through backlinks. If your website has some numbers of backlinks from trusted sites and quality content, it helps to boost your rank in SERPs.

Importance Of Backlinks For Web Pages Crawl Budget:

Backlinks have also a higher impact in increasing the crawl budget. If you are internal or external links to your web pages, it helps to improve your crawl budget and the crawl rate for your web page go high. Crawl rate is an also a ranking signal. If your website is crawled more, it means your website is being found by search bots so often and it will lift your rank up.

Sources To Get Free Backlinks For Websites

In general, the whole internet is the source of backlinks. If your website has links from any webpage they are backlinks and there are millions of website where you can get linked. That’s just an example, please don’t get excited, you are never going to be linked to those millions of websites. But yes, you can find yourself at some numbers or some hundreds of websites.

For that, you need some high quality and informative content on your pages and you have to get some exposure. Write some good and useful content and share it on your social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, and Google Plus. Participating in some Questions and Answering website is also a good idea to let others know about your content.

If you have got something really good, some of the bloggers an website owners will definitely link your page if they find it useful.

Except them, there are some more sources where you can place your backlinks, just remember that manually done backlinks have very less effect in SEO and sometimes it is really very risky and can get the penalty. So be sure that you are getting few links from quality sites for few more exposure and citation flow.

Safe SEO Backlinks Sources For Web Page

Guest Blogs:

Guest Blogs are blog platforms, which accept writing and publishing from guest authors. However, these kinds of links have not any big effect on SEO rank in 2018, it can be a good start to share your website with content and safe platform. Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to get a link to your webpage from your own written content. When you have an incoming link to your website, content is the most important factor that determines the ranking value of the page. And when the content is written by yourself you can be sure for the safety and quality of it.

Local Directories:

Submitting your page in directory site in large numbers can cause your website penalty the by the major search engine like Google. If you are an SEO directory submission is a bad idea, and if they are of low-quality directory sites with paid submission you are really in a risky zone. I suggest you avoid directory submission to keep your website safe from Google algorithms like the penguin.

Yet, you can submit your website to some of the local directories to improve your visibility and citation at some level. Generally, local directories are kind of safe and help users to find products and services near them. Just make sure that the website is indexed by Google and they are safe to use.

Press Release

As I already mentioned, self-done link building is not good for SEO and sometimes it can be risky. Press Release is also one of them. Still, you can do some press release submission to the trusted website.

Wiki Sites

Wiki sites are a huge platform for offering information and knowledge. Wiki Links are also kind of web 2.0 links called on the internet. Find some opportunities and get your page linked in Wiki Sites if you are high-quality content in your page.

Classified Ads

If you are offering products or services, classified ads are also the best idea to share your page and it will also help you to improve your sales.

Social Shares

In recent times social sites are the biggest platforms to find internet users. They are the best source to share your page, improve the website visibility, improvement in website traffic, and it also increases the chances to get backlinks.

Question Answers:

Participate in some question answering sites like quora.com and other similar sites.

List of Top Question and Answer Websites

help others to find their answers and refer your website. It will give you maximum exposure to real value and there are maximum chances that you get backlinks from their website.

Nature of Backlinks

Backlinks are generally used for two different terms, one is do-follow and another is No-Follow. Do follow links are kind of authority links. Do follow backlinks allow the search engine to follow them to pass the page rank value, for that reason do-follow backlinks have better value for SEO rank.

No-follow backlinks are kind of non-authority links and they do not pass any page rank value while ranking any page for search engines. Search Engine bots simply ignore them and do not give any value for SERP.

Not followed backlinks are like the following in HTML code: <a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://sitehostnp.com/”>SiteHostnp.com</a>

Low-Quality Backlinks

Manually built links, links built with paid submission or sponsored links, incoming backlinks from low-quality sites which pass the page rank value are harmful to SEO rank. You will definitely see the drop in rank if your website has high numbers of low-quality backlinks.

Low-quality backlinks mean, backlinks coming from low-quality website or website which are not recommended by search engines to place a link. Following mentioned are some of the website types which are not recommended for linking.

If you see some links to your website of following natures you should soon perform a links audit, make sure they are at least followed that search engines will not pass the page rank value from those links, and then try to remove them or submit a disavow file.

Look Below at Some Low-Quality and Spammy Backlink Types

  • Tier Links
  • Links Wheel
  • Sidebar and Footer Links
  • Forum Signature
  • Profile Links and Blank Links
  • Paid Directory Submission
  • Link Exchange/ Reciprocal Linking
  • Article Submission
  • Backlinks from Copied Content are low quality
  • Hidden Backlinks are low quality, for example, white text for white background
  • Backlinks from penalized websites or which are not indexed by Google are not safe

Genuine, High Authority and Free SEO Backlinks:

Backlinks are a major source of internet marketing, even if they are banner ads, contextual links, content promotion, social media marketing and anything else which come in online marketing strategies.

The first thing you look for is to bring visitors to your web pages to buy your products and services.

To get new visitors to your website is only possible through a link to your page. When you are doing online advertising activities, placing a banner only on any page is not enough to get page visitors, you need to place a link, so that the visitor will click on that and redirects to your page

Backlinks are one of the most valuable sources of web popularity, that’s the reason backlinks also help for SEO. When you come to SEO, you need at least few backlinks to your website to gain the visibility and higher position in search engines. But if you have low-valued backlinks coming to your page, they may hurt your SEO rank.

Low-quality backlinks are like links from blanks page, hidden links, forum signature, paid link, paid directory submission, copied content, websites which are not indexed by Google, and also websites which have high spam score in Moz.com.

You can use the link explorer tool by Moz to check the domain authority, page authority and overall quality of the page and backlinks. So, when you do advertising and get some backlinks to your websites you have to make sure they are safe, they are of high quality and meet webmaster guidelines by search engines. Some of the sources for safe backlinks are mentioned below.

  • Backlinks from Blog Post and Website Content:
  • Guest Blog
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Wiki Links
  • Few Backlinks from Local Web Directories
  • Backlinks from Classified Ads Posting sites
  • Question Answering Sites
  • Social Network Sharing

Free and Paid Web Tools For Backlinks Quality Analysis

  • Link Explorer Tool By MOZ

Moz is one of the trusted and one of the best SEO tools for SEO Analysis, Backlinks Analysis, Competitor Links Analysis. MOZ DA and PA Metric one of the most powerful tools to analyze the quality of backlinks and content of the page. You can try Moz.com for free for a limited number of times and if interested you can subscribe paid MOZ SEO Tools.

MOZ Link Explorer Tool Free
MOZ Link Explorer Tool Free

Ahrefs.com is another very useful SEO Tools where you can analyze the Ahrefs rank, domain rank, link quality etc. Ahrefs.com is a paid tool to analyze backlink quality and SEO status of the website.

Ahrefs Website Rank and Backlinks Checker Tool
Ahrefs Website Rank and Backlinks Checker Tool

SEMRush is one another most reliable SEO Tool where you can monitor your website SEO rank, keywords rank tracking and backlinks Backlinks Quality. Join Semrush.com and monitor your one project for free and then if you find it useful you can subscribe the paid version.

SEMRush Webstie SEO and Backlinks Monitoring Tool
SEMRush Website SEO and Backlinks Monitoring Tool

majestic.com is one of the most reliable SEO tools to check domain rank, backlinks quality, website SEO score, indexing status and much more SEO ranking factors. Majestic Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF) metric are one of the most powerful SEO metrics where you can analyze the SEO ranking possibilities of any website.

Majestic SEO CF, TC and Backlinks Report
Majestic SEO CF, TC and Backlinks Report

Seoprofiler.com is a one of the most used SEO monitoring paid tools to check SERPs for keywords, backlinks data, On Page SEO Checkup, Image Alt Tags,  and many more important ranking factors. You can analyze the Link Influence Score (LIS) of backlinks and your website with the tool and optimize your website for the best performance. SEO profiler is available at $1 for the first month if you are interested to join the SEO monitoring.

SEO Profiler Backlinks Reports
SEO Profiler Backlinks Reports

Seositecheckup.com is one another best tool to check yours on page SEO and performance. I personally always use it find basic SEO status of my websites and implement the improvement process. You can use the free tools for limited numbers of the website and subscribe if you are interested.

SEO Site Checkup Backlinks Checking Tool Free
SEO Site Checkup Backlinks Checking Tool

SEObook.com provides a free tool to check backlinks of any webpage. Just copy and paste the list of URLs you think there’s a link to the site. Put your URL in another box and then click on the Check button. You will get a report on live backlinks to the check websites.

SEO Book Backlinks Checker Tool
SEO Book Backlinks Checker Tool

Smallseotools.com is also one of the popular tools to check website rank, keyword position etc. With the help of Small SEO Tools Reciprocal Link Checker Tool, you can find a report if your website links to any other external web pages.

Small SEO Tools Backlinks Checker Tool
Small SEO Tools Backlinks Checker Tool

Webconfs Link Checker Tool is one another useful backlinks checker tool which helps you to find the reciprocal links report for any site. Simply put the URL and get the report of your reciprocal backlinks.

Webconfs Link Checker Tool
Webconfs Link Checker Tools

Are you looking for High-Quality Backlinks For Your Website? Please use the contact form below to contact us today. We help you to improve the authority and visibility of your Website.

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