Link Building Guide For Beginners

Backlinks Strategy Guide For Beginners

SEO is one of the major sources for any business to get sales and conversion from their website. Once your website is optimized for SEO and at the top result of search engines, there is the maximum chance that you will get more business than any other platforms like social media marketing, CPC marketing any other online marketing source.

That’s the reason it is always a wish for all webmasters and website owners to see their website at first from results of search engines for any search phrase. And then it is a more challenging job, having a website and wishes to be better is not enough.

SEO is a mixed result for highly technical and marketing factors. Now, the question might raise that, how is SEO a Technical or a Marketing discipline? Let’s get some overview of SEO and it’s ranking factors. Basically, SEO has two important parts, which On-Page SEO(1) and Off Page SEO(2). 

What is On-Page SEO?

On Page SEO is depended on internal ranking factors of any website. In short, On Page SEO includes Website Layout and Design, Font and Colors used on the website, Website Speed and server response time. All these factors are related to website design and development parts.

Other important factors which come in On-Page SEO are proper optimization of Meta Tags, Canonical Tag, Content Quality, Semantic Keywords, Proper use of Heading Tags, Image Alt Tags and Internal Links.

So when looking into these mentioned SEO Factors, it makes clear that On-Page SEO is core technical thing and a person without technical knowledge can make any website fit for SEO.

What Is Off Page SEO?

It is so called Off Page SEO, an SEO Factor which helps to improve the rank any search engine. Off Page SEO covers all external practices which we do to improve the online popularity of website and pages. For example, it includes any linking opportunity, social media promotions, SEM and online marketing campaigns, Banner Ads, Placing a link to local web directories etc.

Although, all those backlinks might not help for SEO according to latest algorithm updates of search engine and sometimes over link building might lead to a penalty of the website, still, they help to improve the number of visitors and online presence of the website, they are assumed as the part of Off Page SEO.

In this way, when working to start a campaign for advertising and online promotion, you need marketing knowledge to reach your customers, to manage the campaign perfectly to reach the targeted goal and also to understand what your costumers need. In this way, for sure SEO is marketing discipline.

In short, let’s talk few more things about your website and content before going to linking sources.

First of all your website design, color and font sizes are one of the major factors which make your website user-friendly.

Then another important thing is, you must have a responsive website or AMP version for your page, otherwise your visitor using mobile devices will suddenly close your website and move to others which is easier for them to read and navigate, and after all, you will get only high bounce rate for your website.

Another very important thing is the content of your page, never forget that content is king in all views. If you are providing an excellent and highly informative content your visitor will find it interesting to get new ideas and be sure later they will return back to your website when they need anything more.

Content is the thing that makes you outstanding and better than others.

If your website has informative content, it will make you win among all competitors. Bloggers and readers will enjoy sharing your page and here you get the chance of exposure with the help of your content in a genuine way. So, in my view, it is better to focus more on producing quality content than participating in any self-link building jobs.

Backlinks Opportunity From Blogs and Websites:

A backlink is a hyperlink placed with a URL and anchor text. URL is the path of webpage and anchor text is visible text in a hyperlink. Backlinks have their own positive value in higher SERP for any search phrase in search engines.

High-quality backlinks make your website more popular and help you to be on top of any search engine. But you should always keep in mind that, having high numbers of links are not useful for SEO, the only thing it needs is quality links. Quality backlinks come from blogs and website with quality content, niche relevant article, and those linking website should have a strong link profile. A natural backlink surround by content is safe and useful for SEO.

If your website has lots of self-created profile links, forum signature, web directory and article links, your website may be penalized by major search engines like Google and Bing. That’s the reason, thinking from the SEO point of view publishing informative content is the only best way to get high-quality SEO backlinks.

After that, when doing some exercise for backlinks, blogs are the best option. You can find opportunities to have a link placed in blog articles. For example, you read content in the blog post and send them an email with the URL of your page, and let them know that you are offering some similar and additional information and it might be more useful to have link place to your website.

If your website is of quality there’s maximum chance that a blogger/ website owner will put your link in their article to provide additional information. After all, it is internet and internet is depended on links, so there is nothing wrong to put a link to another website in webpage and articles. Let’s view blow and talk some more opportunities for backlinks at the start.

Link Back To Blogs From Commenting Section:

Blogs and website are another good way to get a linking opportunity to for your website. Not only for backlinks, but the blog is also an awesome platform where you can learn and discuss the topics of your interest.

For example, you want to learn What is Search Engine Optimization, go to any search engine and search for the key phrase “what is search engine optimization” or “what is SEO”. you can find hundreds of website with articles provided by experts of the search industry. In this way, from blogs and website, you can learn all you need. Additionally, there is more feature, if you have any confusion or additional information, you can submit them using the comment section. If your comment is reasonable and genuine blog admins will respond you with a proper guide which will definitely help you to improve your skills.

When submitting a comment, you can put your name, email address and website URL in the box, it will help you to get a link to your website. However most of the blogs use rel=nofollow attribute for links in the comments section, it won’t help you a lot for SEO but you get a chance for the exposure of your website in a quality web page.

If there is not a place to put the URL and if the blog comment accepts HTML format, you can use the code as following to hyperlink in HTML format:

Example For HTML Code For Hyperlink:
<a href=””>Anchor Text Here</a>

Backlinks From Blogs and Websites Content

Reviews and links from blog and website content are one of the best kind of backlinks. Some specific low valued kind of links like blog comments, profile links, forum links, manipulating SERPs with high numbers of directory links do not give any benefit for SEO.

To be safe from link penalty, it is important that your website is getting high quality and safe backlinks from niche relevant pages surrounded by content. After looking into all link quality factors, blogs and website reviews are the only best source of quality backlinks which can help for SERPs improvement. 

Another challenging job here for the SERP improvement is, it’s not that much easy to get a review on blogs with your link. To get linked from the blog post you have to write and share excellent quality and highly informative content, which will impress others to share your views, it simple to understand that, a link in any content is a reference to a relevant site.

So if you provide highly informative content, and your web page is visible to others there are more chances that you will get more natural backlinks soon. In additional to improve the visibility, you can set up and move your social profile strong with more friends and followers.

Few more additional thing you can do to get your page linked is, you find niche related blogs and website, read the content and if your post really give an added value to the site, send them a piece of email to let them know about your page, and you can make them aware that your page/ content might be a great addition to their information.

Share Web Page in Busy Niche Relevant Forums:

Participating and Sharing links at some niche related busy forums are always a good idea to increase visitors to your website and it also helps to improve your online sales. Forums are the places where peoples from the same profession share their views and ideas, ask for help and expert advises, all members help each other what they know about.

Search for a forum example. “Internet Marketing Forums” etc. Register there and set up your profile using edit/ setting tabs. Set Up your signature. Then start posting your threads in related Categories, you can also post replies on existing threads/ topics and share your links/ anchor texts. When you participate in busy forums on a regular basis and interact with users, you have more chances that you get more visitors to your website.

Forum posting and linking in threads is a good way of online marketing, but it is also very risky in case of SEO, especially for Google. If you have excessive numbers of forum profile links, forum signatures, you are at risk zone.

The reason is forums generally do not use rel=nofollow attribute and they look like self-created Spam links. That’s why when participating in forums, you have to do in selected high-quality forums, in which moderators are active, post/ threads are moderated before publishing and they maintain the quality. So it is better to avoid links to forums or to participate in few high-quality forums which can help you to grow your sale and conversion. 

Example of BB Code for Forum Signature: 
[url=]Anchor Text Here[/url]

Classified Ads Posting

Classified Ads Posting is one another simple way to promote website and business among Internet Users. We can find thousands of Online Classified Ads Sites List from Google Search. Go to any site and choose Free Ads posting in the matching category, submit your ads content and add the link to your website and products in your classified ad, most of the classified websites allow free ads posting and URL submission.

Classified Ads are one of the best ways to get targeted traffic, targeted customers and backlinks for the website popularity. 
Please find more about the Benefits of Classified Ads Submission.

High Authority Profile Link Building 
Web Directory Submission 
Web Article Submission 
Social Bookmarking – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest 
Photo Sharing – Pinterest + Facebook etc. 

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